The Town of Danville Garden Cottage Program

The Town of Danville has introduced a permit-ready Garden Cottage Program in response to an increasing demand for these units from residents.

DANVILLE – If you’ve ever wanted to expand your home by adding more living space, the Town of Danville can help. By recognizing the demand from Danville residents, the Town has created a program to encourage the construction of Garden Cottages. These smaller living units are affordable to a wide range of income levels, including elderly family members. A Garden Cottage is a self-contained building that is typically smaller than the main home. It contains a kitchen, bathroom and a sleeping area and can either be attached to the main house or a built as a detached unit. This new program offers Danville residents a selection of free pre-approved, permit-ready construction plans that have been designed by talented local architects.

Meet the Architects

Francis Garcia
Architect Francis Garcia has been designing homes in the Danville area since 1985 and possesses a background in construction and the fine arts. As a result, his design projects are not only effective and efficient but aesthetically pleasing and elegant as well. Garcia develops an optimal design by considering the needs of the clients, the community and the unique attributes of each site. His goal is to make the process of remodeling or building a new home as pleasant and stress-free as possible.

William Wood
Licensed Architect William Wood and his firm William Wood Architects have been at the Clocktower Building in Danville since 1984. Their style has evolved over the past 35 years to meet market needs and client expectations. Every project is unique and they have maintained the same defining characteristics of excellence in design and functionality as the day they began. Their projects are recognized for the ease in which they strike a harmonious balance between the dramatic architecture and the natural setting.

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