Walnut Creek Artist’s Colorful Line of Kitchen Linens & Home Décor

Sip & Savor in Style with Seriously Imbibed Products’ line of sustainable and all-organic towels, scarves, aprons and other accessories. Shop now.

WALNUT CREEK – A splash of color and meaningful imagery can have a substantial impact on your emotional well-being. This line of locally designed textiles from Walnut Creek-based artist Julia Minasian will add the perfect pop of color to your day.

Julia Minasian’s relaxed, wine country-inspired designs remind us to sip and savor life in style.

When she started her company, Seriously Imbibed Products (SIP), over four years ago, Julia aimed to create products not only to serve practical purposes but also to inspire customers to live in the moment and savor what makes life special. She says that anyone can add vibrant and modern style to their home that’s colorful and eco-friendly, with her collection of tea or dish towels, aprons, scarves and more.

Clutch bag designed by SIP. Shop now

All SIP products are beautifully constructed using 100% organic cotton and natural dyes. The scarves are botanical silks made from beach tree pulp, resulting in a luxurious yet sustainable fabric. Julia’s commitment to quality and sustainability goes beyond her fabric, as her new products feature no harmful plastic tags.

For the perfect wedding favor or hostess gift, browse SIP’s collection of tea and dish towels. Every product purchased not only supports a local small business but also serves as a reminder to stop and relish the here and now, even if all you’re doing is washing the dishes!

Kitchen towels designed in USA by SIP. Shop now.

If you have a specific item in mind, SIP provides customers with custom orders.

Kitchen apron designed in USA by SIP. Shop now.

Shop the entire line of SIP products at SIPGoods.com or call 925-899-1240.

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