Shop Small, Shop Local

Independently owned restaurants, retail businesses, contractors, and service providers are open and ready to serve you.

YOUR TOWN MONTHLY – Over the last several weeks, it’s been inspiring to see the community unite to support local businesses. Especially now, these neighborhood establishments depend on support from all of us.

When you make a purchase at an independently owned restaurant or retail business, shop for the perfect bottle of wine from a local winery, sign your child up for a virtual music lesson, or hire a local contractor for your home improvement or maintenance project, you’re directly contributing to the vibrancy of the local economy.

In the May editions of Your Town Monthly, you’ll find a variety of such businesses that stand ready to serve you.


We give thanks to the front line medical personnel, retail clerks, food service employees, truck drivers, postal carriers and other essential workers who have continued to show up to keep our community going strong.