Rattlesnake Safety in the Regional Parks

Rattlesnakes call the East Bay’s regional parks their home, so make sure to take safety precautions when visiting this spring & summer.

EAST BAY REGIONAL PARKS – As you venture out to your favorite regional park to enjoy the warmer weather, you’ll want to keep in mind what you may encounter. Rattlesnakes call these parks home and tend to explore when the temperatures start to rise. The East Bay Regional Park District is advising that you take certain safety precautions during your visit, such as looking under logs and rocks before sitting down and avoiding placing your hands or feet where you can’t see clearly.

Rattlesnake crossing a trail at Sycamore Grove Park in Livermore in early May. Photo: Melissa Cafiero

If you do happen to see a rattlesnake, leave it alone. Since all park wildlife is protected by law, do not try to capture or harm it. Move carefully and slowly away from the snake and notify park staff if the snake was noticed around picnic tables, campsites or barbecues.

Visit the East Bay Regional Parks website for detailed safety tips before you head out for fun in the sun.