Discover Vacaville’s Alamo Creek Trail

Alamo Creek Trail

As the temperatures slowly climb, now is the most ideal time to enjoy hiking, biking or walking the local Vacaville trails.

VACAVILLE – As the temperatures slowly rise, now is the perfect time to get outside and move! This scenic trail offers a nice nature route for biking, walking, or inline skating through the 4.4 mile shaded path that runs along Alamo Creek in Vacaville.

The trail connects residents with several parks including Nelson, Patwin and Beelard Parks.

The trail is not just popular with people, but with various types of animals and wildlife – beavers have even been spotted along the trail and adjacent creek!

Parking for the Alamo Creek trail is available at the different parks along the trail’s route, which include Nelson Park on Marshall Road, Patwin Park on Elmira Road and Beelard Park along Beelard Drive.

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