Decoding QR Codes

Take the mystery out of those pixelated black and white squares that are on menus, ads and products by reading this easy guide on decoding QR codes.

SAN RAMON – If you’ve visited a restaurant lately or browsed a recent issue of Your Town Monthly, chances are you have seen these black and white pixelated boxes on menus and advertisements. These abstract glyphs might seem mysterious at first glance, but the way to use them is surprisingly straightforward. Thanks to the technology built into your smartphone, a simple tap of your camera app is all it takes.

Each QR (Quick Response) code represents a specific destination on the internet and saves you the trouble of typing in a long, complicated website address. While an advertisement or article in print remains the same after it’s printed, a QR code links you to a dynamic website with the ability to always stay up-to-date. You know you’re getting the latest information right at your fingertips. 

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