Dine Out Downtown in Fairfield

Fairfield eateries are open and most are offering takeout daily! Order from one of the downtown Fairfield restaurants and plan a social distancing picnic!

FAIRFIELD – Home to chain restaurants, formal dining, and the beloved hole in the wall eateries, Fairfield has it all. Whether you’re in the mood for sushi, Mexican, or your favorite Italian meal, Fairfield offers everything and more when it comes to food.

Lend your support to local restaurants by ordering takeout – any day of the week. Use the hashtags #DineOutDowntown and #HeartofFairfield on social media, and plan a social distancing picnic with your friends! On Thursdays, (through October 1, 2020), plan to bring your meal to the Certified Farmers Markets from 3 – 7pm and enjoy your meal on the lawn at Jefferson & Texas Streets!

Dine Out Downtown in Fairfield
Daily Farmers Markets: Thursdays through October 1, 2020, from 3 – 7pm

For more information, call 707-422-0103 or visit Facebook.com/FairfieldMainStreet.