Jump Bikes & Scooters Take Over Davis & Sacramento

jump bikes

Davis and Sacramento are now offering Jump Bikes & Scooters with a “pay as you go” system at various designated stations throughout the cities.

DAVIS & SACRAMENTO – Channel your inner child and hop on one of these slightly cool, slightly dorky looking candy red bicycles stationed at bike racks around the streets of Sacramento and Davis. A cross between a cruiser bike and a moped, these bright red bicycles are equipped with a water bottle holder and a large basket in the front for your belongings. The seat is wide, cushioned and adjustable, and the tires are big, making for a smooth cruise. To use one, download the Jump app on any smartphone, put in your credit card information and follow the prompts. The app will display a map showing where every nearby available bike is stationed (yours included).  The cost is $1 for the first 15 minutes and $0.07 for every minute thereafter.

Before you hit the streets, take a moment to review some safety tips while out and about in the city.

Jump Bikes & Scooters Take Over Davis & Sacramento
Daily, 24 hours
Bikes: $1 for 15 minutes and $.07/minute thereafter.
Scooters: FREE to unlock, $.15/minute thereafter.

JUMP Bikes can currently be rented and used in Davis and Sacramento. For a full list of cities, visit Jump.com.