Support the Troops with the Warriors’ Watch Riders

"Never Again Will An American Warrior Be Scorned Or Ignored"
Warriors' Watch Riders

The Warriors’ Watch Riders is a military support organization with the mission of supporting military service members and their families. Photos via Diablo Valley Flag Brigade.

NORTHERN CALIFORNIA – The Warriors’ Watch Riders is a military support organization comprised of veterans and civilians who share the same mission: ensuring that never again will an American warrior be scorned or ignored. Established by a Vietnam War veteran in 2007 and spanning 38 states, this all-volunteer group is dedicated to supporting veterans, active duty personnel, first responders and their families.

Giving a returning military member a proper greeting is achieved through Operation: Welcome Home. Upon request from the family or a friend, the Riders will mobilize with their motorcycles and cars to surprise the service member with a warm reception and heartfelt gratitude for their duty to our country, followed by an escort to their home for a lively community celebration.

The Riders are also available to support those who did not make it home, providing flag lines and escorts for the fallen to their final resting places.

All services are offered at no cost to the families as a way to say thank you for the sacrifices made by those serving our country and protecting our freedom.

For more information, to request services or to volunteer, call 925.765.0785 or visit