Get a Personal Trainer To Keep You on Track


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If you need help getting off the couch and out the door, try an in-home personal trainer—the four-legged variety—and foster a dog. Making the decision to become a foster parent not only makes you feel good on the inside, but can help make you look and feel good on the outside too.

Less than joining a gym

When you foster a dog, you pay for its food, treats, toys, kennels and bedding. The initial investment is around $200. Keep in mind that kennels and bedding will be reused for subsequent fosters. Many rescue organizations can help defray costs by providing a kennel and bedding, or you can list a request on to see if a neighbor has items they are no longer using that they would sell inexpensively or donate to your new cause.


Morning: Set the alarm 30 minutes earlier in the morning and lace up your shoes to take your foster out for a walk, jog or run. Daily exercise helps with weight control, boosts good cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, improves mood, boosts energy and promotes better sleep.

Evening: Take an evening walk around the neighborhood so the dog can check out all of the scents that were left during the day. You’ll get to visit with neighbors and other dog walkers, spend some healthy time unwinding after your work day, plus get an extra dose of the above health benefits.

Weekends: Hiking and other exploration activities with your new


Things to know. Your trainer may:

• Take time to trust people

• Need to be crate/potty trained

• Need an outdoor kennel so they won’t dig up your yard

• Give you lots of kisses

Here is a partial list of places to consider putting in a foster application:


Valley Humane Society

1 Lucky Dog Rescue

Petaluma PetPals

East Bay Animal Rescue & Refuge

Four Paws Rescue

Maddie’s Fund

Milo Foundation


Tri-Valley Animal Rescue

Wonder Dog Rescue

Save a Life Today – Adopt Here:
Contra Costa Animal Services, 4800 Imhoff Place, Martinez, CA  94553
Hours: Tues – Sat, 10am-5pm • Wed, 10am-7pm • Sundays: Volunteer Adoption Event, 12-3pm

In addition, many breeds have rescue organizations specific to those dogs’ needs.  A quick Internet search will help you find those.