Can You Escape Omescape?

Put your critical thinking and problem solving skills to the test

An escape game designed to test your problem solving capabilities, Omescape (in Richmond and San Jose) invites you to follow the clues to get out of a room in 60 minutes or less. Photos via Yelp.

RICHMOND – You’ve only got 60 minutes. Are you up for a challenge? Omescape is an escape game center for 3 to 10 players designed to test your problem-solving capabilities. The objective? Work with teammates to follow the clues and get out of the room within an hour.

Excited to try it out, a group of friends and I went to Omescape to test our critical thinking abilities. While Omescape offers challenges of varying difficulty, we chose Forgotten Treasure, the hardest of the three available challenges at the Richmond Omescape location. We were to follow Captain William Kidd IX’s treasure map to find his plentiful bounty. Given one hour, one help line (you can ask staff members for help, but only once), and a fair amount of determination, we embarked on the adventure. With only a 12% completion rate, the puzzles were dauntingly difficult, but still incredibly fun. The escape required us to put our heads together and try to get through the 9 clues leading to the treasure chest. Unlocking a door to a new room meant new adventures and clues within. The game required moving back and forth between different rooms and areas, and relying heavily on the knowledge of the team. Despite giving it our best effort, we were unable to get through the clues within the time restraint. Needless to say, we were definitely puzzled.

Omescape’s beginner room, Room Omega, is probably the best bet for those who have never been to an escape room before. In this game, Professor Stanley, known for his theory of time travel, has disappeared inside his own office. His students say he was about to publish new findings on multiple time dimensions. As his closest friend, you’ve decided to find out the truth of Professor Stanley’s mysterious disappearance. With a 46% completion rate, the odds here are definitely more in your favor that you’ll beat the clock.

Omescape is a lot of fun for groups of friends or family, and would be a great team building exercise for your office.

If time permits, stop in at Cafe Gran Milan across the street. Part restaurant, part bakery and part coffeehouse, there is something on the menu for everyone, including pizza, sandwiches and decadent desserts. There is no limit on the amount of time you can spend there.

If you go: Omescape has locations in Richmond (5327 Jacuzzi St., Suite 3H) and San Jose (625 Wool Creek Drive, Suite E). Advance reservations are required. Cost is $28 per person in Richmond, $30 in San Jose. You may go by yourself or bring a group of friends. If you don’t have the minimum number for the room, you will be paired up with others. The Richmond location has three different games, San Jose five. Lockers are available to store personal belongings during play. All games are designed for players over the age of 13. Participants who are 13 years or younger must be accompanied by an adult. Children will need a guardian/parent’s signature on a waiver form in order to play. Free admission to the venue for children under 6.

For more information, call 510.969.0899 or visit