Do I Need a Landscaper or a Gardener?

It can be confusing to know who to hire when you need yard work done. This handy list will help you choose what kind of yard service you need.

Landscaper Vs. Gardener
With the arrival of Spring, now is a good time to consider hiring a professional to help get your yard in tip-top shape. Selecting the right type of professional is the first step in a successful outdoor project.

A landscaper is a designer and builder. They construct the layout of your garden, assisting in the installation of outdoor features such as pathways, waterfalls, ponds and decks. They may help you design your front and back yard in a way that fits your home’s aesthetic.

A gardener maintains your garden and plants. They harvest, cultivate and take care of the variety of life in your yard. They may also mow lawns, trim outgrown plants and ensure your garden is in its top shape. They also have knowledge in horticulture, and may assist in applying herbicides and pesticides.

Be sure to interview and check references before hiring any yard care professional. According to California state law, a contractor’s license is required when a single job is valued at $500 or more.

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