Returning to the Office Soon? Prepare Your Pet Now With These Tips From ARF

Returning to work soon? Prepare your pet now before the shelter-in-place order is lifted with these helpful tips from ARF. Photo: © 犬描きびよよん –

WALNUT CREEK – Many of us have been working from home for months. Your pet has grown accustomed to having you around. Adding daily training into your pet’s routine now will help them in the weeks and months to come as shelter-in-place orders are lifted.

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Low-Key Departures/Arrivals
During the 10 to 15 minutes around when you leave or arrive, strive for a calm, neutral atmosphere. Avoid hugging, kissing, petting or high energy play.

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Long-Lasting Food
Experiment with long-lasting treats and creative feeding methods for your pet’s meals (food dispensing toys, food puzzles, interactive feeding mats, etc.). When you find something your pet loves, only give it to them before departing. This will keep the treat extra special!

Practice Alone Time
Being alone is important for all pets. Identify a comfortable, safe area for your pet. This might be in a room, an area separated by a baby gate or a dog crate. At least once a day, set your pet up with a long-lasting treat, some of their favorite toys, a comfy bed and water for some alone time.

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Virtual Adoptions
Looking for a furry friend during this trying time? Good news — ARF is now offering a no-contact virtual adoption process!

Virtual Adoption Hours at ARF
2890 Mitchell Drive, Walnut Creek
Wednesday – Saturday: Noon – 5 pm
Sunday: Noon – 4 pm

For more pet care tips and resources, visit ARF’s website at

By Elena Bicker
Executive Director
Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation