QR Codes 101: Keep Safe Social Distance with QR Codes

Keep safe social distance by using QR codes when shopping & dining to view menus, place orders & pay for items.

YOUR TOWN MONTHLY – Scanning QR codes to access restaurant menus has become very popular as we navigate our “new normal.” QR (Quick Response) codes are handy for a variety of tasks, including shopping, payment methods and more. While print ads and articles are limited to certain sizes and information that may change on a daily basis, the QR code opens up a new world of possibilities, such as up-to-date websites, video presentations, social media channels and special deals! If you haven’t tried it yet . . . check out this quick tutorial.

1. Open the camera app on your phone.*

2. Hover over the QR code you want to scan. There’s no need to press anything. Your phone will recognize the code automatically.

3. Click the link that pops up on your screen (iPhone users), or press the white or yellow button that will show up (Android users).

*If your phone doesn’t have a built-in QR code reader, you can download a free reader from your phone’s app store.

That’s it! This process works for almost all phone brands and types and takes about five seconds to complete.